A dog comes back to life in front of a master deeply touched by the drowning of his dog!

Furr Station / Facebook

Jonel, the prankster dog, made a terrible joke on his master, who thought he had lost him forever. The latter will remember it for a long time …

Last April, a rather amazing story was told on the Furr Station Facebook page, bringing together tens of thousands of dog lovers. The protagonist of the story is a dog who caused a very big fright to his master , as reported by The Animal Club .

The quadruped in question answers to the name of Jonel and he really is a joker . One day, he was out for a walk with his owner, when, arriving at the edge of a river , he decided to take a dip there .

The dog rushed into the water and dived in, then completely disappeared from the radar. His distraught master started looking for him everywhere. Completely panicked , he eventually found it and feared the worst at that point. The body of the animal he believed to be lifeless was floating on the water. The dog did not move . His owner thought he had drowned and started to cry .

It was only when he approached him to retrieve it that he discovered that his beloved companion was indeed alive . The latter simply turned around, then returned to the shore as quietly as possible, as if nothing had happened .

At the same time relieved and a little bit angry , Jonel’s master dried his tears and promised himself never to let him go away like this again.

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