20 photos of a dog happy to travel with the woman who adopted him

A young woman adopts a stray dog and starts walking the roads with him. The photos of their adventures are magnificent.

Nikki Delventhal was on the roads of Mexico with her mother when she saw something in the rearview mirror. It was a puppy running behind them. The ladies stopped, opened the door, and the dog immediately climbed into the car. Since then, the dog Camper and his owner have been traveling the roads.

Here are 20 photos of the traveling dog.

1. To cover all their needs, Camper and its owner have a well-equipped trunk.

2. A very close friendship binds them

3. In winter, the sea retains all its charm

4. Regular physical activity and stunning views keep the duo at their best

5. Cradled by the gentle rays of the sun

6. Often Camper asks to be worn

7. He also needs some encouragement before jumping into the water.

8. The van driver and her most loyal assistant

9. In town too, Camper keeps his leash

10. Mealtime has sounded in this dazzling white setting

11. Endless hugs

12. Climbing hills and mountains doesn’t scare them

13. Camping is a passion shared with friends

14. A swim to cool off in these hot weather

15. Inseparable and enjoying life to the fullest

16. She is always there to encourage her canine companion in the face of small challenges

17. Some photos require a profile pose

18. This dog will always continue to think of himself as the puppy he was when they first met.

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19. When his owner is climbing, Camper encourages him from below.

20. Friends who have the support of all their followers on social networks


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