Retired, this nurse decides to open her house to end-of-life dogs

In England , a retired nurse started her association to rescue dogs entering the last moments of their lives. Thus, multiple animals animate are daily, made of laughter, joy, and sometimes tears.

How to manage the end of his dog’s life ? The question nags a lot to pet owners who don’t want to hear about this sad day ahead. Inevitably, however, he approaches. Always more tomorrow than yesterday. And the feeling that a part of yourself is going to go away is real. A family member is going to leave us. The shock can be brutal.

Some people, in order to avoid this moment, choose to give up their pet . They thus choose the moment of separation. But leave their protege in the most complete embarrassment. In total incomprehension. In disarray. The latter will not leave in peace, with the feeling of being loved.

Less than 6 months to live, go to Nicola’s

So, in Nottinghamshire , England, a woman named Nicola Coyle welcomes many abandoned or terminally ill dogs into her Mansfield home. Nicola is a retired nurse brimming with passion for animals. She thus founded the Gray Muzzle Canine Hospice to give an official character to her daily fight.

A very special birthday day

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So that the woman’s fight is not in vain, she counts on a few donors , and on her unconditional love of animals. Moreover, she admits it bluntly. She can’t help but shed a tear with every disappearance. “ We care about them a lot , it’s very intense emotionally. »She is at least aware that each animal passed under her control can leave with a free spirit, and the certainty of being loved!


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