Volunteers to rescue bitch with cropped ears, certainly used in dogfights

Saved by an association, a dog is now waiting to find a new loving family after a painful past. Volunteers hope her chances of being placed will not be compromised by her story and appearance.

The dog in question was rescued in December 2020 along with 5 other dogs. Abandoned, they lived in a makeshift shelter. These canines all have scars, suggesting they were used for fighting, Cambridgeshire Live reported on May 25.

After the discovery, Mrs D was taken to the Block Fen Animal Center of the RSPCA in Wimblington , Cambridgeshire (East of England).

Tiffany Saunders and her team of volunteers have been caring for the 6 quadrupeds ever since and preparing them for adoption. The head of the shelter explains “ that some of these dogs were in cages inside a container, while others were in kennels outside. They all have scars , she adds. We therefore fear that they were used for fighting ”.

Besides, Mrs D has her ears cut off. Unfortunately, this is a common practice in this environment, and aimed at giving dogs a more intimidating appearance. Fortunately, they healed well in the bitch.

Tiffany Saunders indicates that, in addition to the physical suffering caused by this form of mutilation, it deprives the animal of a means of communication. The movements of the ears are, in fact, part of the dog’s body language.

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We really hope his past and his looks don’t put people off. She had such a difficult start to life and she really deserves the best possible future , ”continues the manager.

The ideal would be for Mrs D if she was adopted by a family without another dog and living in the country.


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