In Lyon, around a hundred veterinary students take turns on patrols to help homeless animals

Lyon Student Veterinary Dispensary / Facebook

Members of the Student Veterinary Dispensary Association roam the streets of Lyon to help homeless people and their pets, providing them with food and accessories. They hope to be allowed to treat these dogs and cats during their marauding, because the law prevents them from doing so. A letter has been written to the responsible ministry to this effect.

The only family , the only social bond that remains… The pets of the homeless represent a great deal to them. To the point, often, of depriving themselves of food so that their dogs or cats have to eat, or even of refusing accommodation because their companions are not allowed there .

Survival is extremely difficult for them, but it would be even more so if they were to be deprived of their loyal 4-legged friends.

This is what Ana Alkan , co – president of the Student Veterinary Dispensary Association , regularly observes during her discussions with these destitute people. The organization brings together 115 other volunteer veterinary students at VetAgro Sup de Lyon (The National Institute for Higher Education and Research in Food, Animal Health, Agronomic and Environmental Sciences).

They take turns carrying out their bi-weekly marauding in the streets of Lyon, distributing food , treats and dog accessories to their homeless masters.

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For care , on the other hand, they can not intervene outside , but only within the framework of their permanence in the 6 partner shelters of their noble initiative. A situation that saddens veterinary students, hence the letter sent by Ana Alkan to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food so that they are finally granted this possibility, as reported by France Inter .

The members of the association are, in fact, ready to use a van to provide this ambulatory care directly in the streets, as soon as the authorization is given to them.

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