Maxi Zoo supports the I-CAD campaign for the identification of dogs and cats

The Maxi Zoo pet store chain is partnering with I-CAD and the Ministry of Agriculture for National Pet Identification Week. The brand will mobilize its stores to raise public awareness of the importance of identification and its advantages.

We cannot repeat it enough: having your pet identified is not only mandatory , but it also helps protect and recover it in the event of a problem. At Maxi Zoo , we are perfectly aware of the crucial nature of the identification of our 4-legged friends. This is why the brand is joining the company I-CAD , responsible for managing the national identification file and the Ministry of Agriculture and Food , in the awareness campaign to be held from 8 to June 14, 2020 . It will be the “ National Identification Week ” for dogs and cats .

The initiative will also allow the general public to realize the simplicity of the procedure , as well as its importance in responsible possession. Identifying your dog or cat is essential in more than one way. She allows to :

  • Fight against abandonment, trafficking and theft of animals
  • Monitor the health of the animal
  • Facilitate the search if he were to run away
  • Prove the link between the owner and the animal
  • Monitor the animal situation nationwide

The National Identification Week will also be an opportunity for the various stakeholders to raise awareness about the sterilization of cats .

To contribute to the success of this campaign, Maxi Zoo will mobilize its 202 stores and its social networks . She will thus inform her clients about the different aspects of identification, sterilization and their responsibility as owners.

That’s not all: Maxi Zoo will also organize a competition and reward 10 people drawn at random from the participants who will have their dog or cat identified during Identification Week.

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Dimitri Arsale , in charge of Maxi Zoo France charities, recalls that “ animal welfare is in the DNA ” of the brand, which regularly organizes “ adoption days in partnership with local shelters and breeders ”. Through its involvement in this campaign, Maxi Zoo intends to take part in the fight against “ impulse purchases of pets ”. Moreover, this will not be the only action of the animal store chain during the month of June, since on the 27th, it will support the World Day against Abandonment by relaying the information on its social networks. </p

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