15 funny dogs with disapproving eyes

When our dog friends are not happy, they let us know. As can be seen in these photos.

Dogs experience a wide range of emotions. So it happens that our 4-legged companions are angry, unhappy or simply disagree with something. He then gives us their famous disapproving look.

Here are 15 photos of dogs whose eyes clearly show that they don’t agree.

1. This French Bulldog intends to lecture someone

2. An old dog who seems disappointed with the attitude of today’s youngsters

3. This Miniature Schnauzer is not happy with the work of the groomer

4. This puppy does not have the head to listen to the arguments given to him by his owner on the reasons why he would be better not to take back cake

5. After having discovered the hiding place of the treats, he comes to inform his owner that he is not fooled and that he saw that there were still some.

6. Snowball battles don’t make him laugh

7. This dog saw that we were pretending to throw the ball at him

8. This Dachshund is not happy when told that there always comes a time when you have to stop licking your owner’s ankle.

9. A Griffon Bruxellois who is not happy with his new haircut

10. This dog no longer intends to accept being made to take responsibility for everything that falls on the ground

11. He is angry that the shoe was taken out of his mouth because he wanted to finish the job he had started.

12. The arrival of the baby does not amuse this Rottweiler

13. He’s sulking because his owner yelled at him

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14. This Beagle is no more happy to see a new dog in the house.

15. This Chihuahua has the look it takes to make people feel guilty


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