A dog or a man walking in the snow? The optical illusion that questions the web!

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Photos with optical illusions never take long to go viral. They are shared en masse and in a very short period of time, fueling the debate with sometimes very clear-cut opinions. The one in question here is in this order and is all the more interesting as it shows a dog… or a man.

The image of a dark silhouette evolving in the middle of a snowy forest is currently making the rounds of the web and more especially of social networks, as reported by the Lad Bible site.

This photo was first posted on Facebook . It has captured the attention of many Internet users. When we see it for the first time, we actually realize that the cliché has something to confuse more than one.

Fairly quickly, however, we can more clearly distinguish the contours of the subject and understand what it is. We then realize that what is in the image is not at all what we thought we were seeing at the start.

We initially have the impression of dealing with a man , a hiker , who appears from behind and who is about to lean on his right arm to climb and advance in the snow, between the trees.

When we observe the photo more closely , the observation is quite different. What we actually see there is a dog . The quadruped is, it seems, a black-coated Poodle who tastes the joys of snow. He is facing the person taking his picture and about to join him.

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The canine is a thousand miles from the debate about this shot of which he is the star. What matters to him is that he had a good time on a winter day in the heart of the woods.

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