Dog response to heat

Illustration : "Les réactions du chien face au chaud "

in the face of heat, the dog’s body will respond, especially by increasing breathing rate. The defense mechanism activated by the dog’s body to release heat puts great pressure on its important organs, so it is necessary to protect it.


what is the temperature control that dogs may face in the face of heat? How to protect it from high temperature?

when the temperature rises, the dog’s body will react in different ways to protect itself. In extreme heat, this response of dogs is not sufficient to eliminate any risk to animal health.

dogs regulate body temperature, while we humans mainly regulate body temperature by sweating, while our friends on all limbs regulate body temperature by breathing. They rarely sweat through the rare sweat glands between the cushions. Therefore, it is through the blood vessels on the mouth and body surface that excess heat is discharged that the basic rescue mechanism of the body to adapt to heat exposure is started. The dog’s breathing rhythm speeds up to expel hot and humid air from the body and bring fresh and dry air.

at the same time, the blood vessels on the surface tend to dilate. A phenomenon easily seen in the ear; The skin turns red and the visibility of blood vessels increases. By the way, you just need to touch your ears to see how hot they are.

all these reactions will put more pressure on the heart, and the heart must support this continuous blood circulation. Heart rate will also increase.

the more calories the body must deal with, the more efforts it will make in this regard, which will lead to a certain degree of fatigue.

what are the risks faced by dogs in the face of heat?

in some cases of high calorie exposure, such as hot summer, the dog’s body will be more or less in serious danger.


may be exhausted by all the temperature control work required. The dog then fell asleep.

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respiratory diseases. This is especially true for short headed dogs, in other words, dogs with flat noses. French Bulldog, English Bulldog, boxer, Carlin, pebble, Beijing or Brussels Griffin will be affected.

in the worst case, heart health may be damaged and even endanger animal life. Unfortunately, unprotected dogs die in hot weather, especially because they are left in their owner’s car.

in order to effectively protect dogs from high temperature, it is suggested that


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so that dogs can rest in the shade. If he lives outside in the garden, his niche must be ventilated and provide him with an effective sunshade and a permanent cold water tank. Its content is in RENOVTake it out only in the morning or at night several times a day. Avoid unnecessary efforts when Mercury is at its highest. Exercising in hot weather will put him in danger when driving and ensure ventilation in the car. Never leave it alone in a stationary vehicle, even for a short time and with the window down

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