Grieving, a bitch is offered the choice of her new life companion at the shelter

When the dog Liza and her mistress went to the shelter to adopt another dog, the female Pitbull made the choice herself. She turned to a candidate who did not seem to present the ideal profile for her …

The Dodo brings us this beautiful story, one of the protagonists of which is a dog named Liza . This female Pitbull was born in a shelter , her mother having given birth there shortly after being taken in the street. At the age of 13 weeks, the young dog was adopted by Debi Kola . The latter already had another, Mona , and the 2 quadrupeds quickly became the best friends in the world . Alas, 2 years later, Mona passed away , which plunged Liza into extreme sadness.

Last December, Liza and Debi moved in with the latter’s boyfriend, Joel , who had 2 senior Jack Russell Terriers . The couple hoped the dog would find comfort in them, but due to their age, they were n’t as active as she was .

Debi was considering adopting a 4th dog , more compatible with Liza’s personality, but Joel was somewhat skeptical of the idea. His companion, however, went to a shelter, accompanied by Liza , and both saw some dogs, including another Pitbull named Murphy . A priori, his profile did not correspond to what Debi was looking for his dog: largely because he had already been adopted 3 times and returned to the shelter each time, he was resigned and defeated . He spent his time in a corner of the box and was not very active. His attitude, however, changed dramatically when the time for the test came; Murphy and several other residents of the shelter were taken to the yard to play with Liza . She immediately chose him among the others. His predilection for Murphy was obvious and the 2 spent almost an hour running and playing together , with no signs of aggression. There was no longer any doubt about the complicity that united them.

Happy and moved, Liza called Joel to tell him everything and her partner finally decided to agree to bring him over to the house.

The couple signed up to the “Take A Chance On Me” program, initiated by the shelter and consisting of a 3-day trial period . This proved to be successful and Murphy’s adoption was formalized. Since then, it’s like this the Pitbull had always been part of Liza’s family, who has regained all her joie de vivre .


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