Discovered in a cardboard box, this abandoned Pitbull has nothing but love in his eyes!

Thanks to CCTV footage from a parking lot, a lady discovered that a puppy had been placed in a cardboard box. She looked after him and welcomed him into her home.

There are several reasons people can abandon their animals . Some people end up losing interest in their pet while others find it costing them too much money . This can also happen during a move . But all these reasons generate a situation of distress for the animal which finds itself alone and in the most total incomprehension.

This is what happened to a Pitbull puppy who was dropped off by its owner in a box in the middle of a parking lot. Without the surveillance cameras and the quick intervention of a charitable soul, a car might have been able to injure him.

Shannon is used to rescuing stray or abandoned dogs. She had already saved and adopted 3 before seeing the cardboard on her surveillance screen. She immediately went out to see what was in it and discovered an animal in distress.

His hair was falling out and he was scared. He was in an alarming state, she tells Animal Channel .

Shannon then named him after a character in Pinocchio : Jiminy Cricket . She took him under her wing and nursed him for a month before the puppy showed signs of improvement .

Little by little, Jiminy Cricket regained his strength. He also learned to trust his new family and not be afraid anymore.

Because, indeed, Shannon could not imagine any more his life without his new friend and the 3 other dogs of the house had adopted him . Jiminy Cricket has found his Guardian Angel.

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