An owner gives her dog a dream moment by allowing him to meet his idol!

Upon meeting Donald at Disney World, Nala behaved like someone who was making her childhood dream come true. The affectionate exchange that the dog and the most famous duck had had amazed the many people who had the chance to attend.

Nala is a regular at Disney World . Whenever they have the opportunity, she and her mistress Megan Leigh , of whom she has been the assistance dog for 2 years, go there to have a wonderful time .

As The Dodo tells it, this female Golden Retriever loves to accompany Megan on her favorite attractions , but what she prefers is meeting the Disney characters.

Recently, she found herself facing Donald . There followed a scene of rare beauty , the images of which quickly went viral . Dressed in a Mexican poncho and sombrero, the duck, even more known for its angry character, began to stroke and kiss the dog. Nala then put her head on her knees to ask for more hugs. She didn’t want to move from there; if she could, she would have spent the whole day in this position.

Many visitors stopped to witness this magnificent spectacle . Many took pictures , as did Megan of course. She did not fail to immortalize this moment marked by innocence , carelessness and the purest of tenderness .

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It was time for Nala and Donald to go their separate ways, but the dog and her mistress will come back, I promise!


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