5 major lines would make up the DNA of current domestic dogs, they would have been born more than 11,000 years ago!

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A recently published study provides interesting data about the evolution of the dog, in particular through the identified lines. The role of the great movements of human populations in the transformations that domestic canids have undergone is also discussed.

This is one of the questions raised by researchers at the Francis Crick Institute in London who carried out this work, as Sciences et Avenir reports. These reveal in particular that the dog as we know it today comes from 5 major lines , born about 11,000 years ago .

Migrations and mixtures, punctuated in part by human movements

Evolution of dog populations: mysteries that remain to be elucidated

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To reach these conclusions, the study authors sequenced the DNA of 27 dogs whose bones were found at sites in Europe, the Near East or Siberia. Remains dating, for the oldest, from 11 millennia. </p

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