Affected by a disease, fatal in 80% of cases, only the weakest puppy of the litter survives!

While the family that took care of the critically ill puppies thought they were all doomed, the smallest survived.

Mary , her 3 daughters and her husband moved to Ankara , Turkey, for the latter’s work. They immediately approached a local shelter to volunteer . The place was totally saturated ; more than 4000 dogs lived there. The staff could not cope with the situation and the animals suffered the consequences, many of them malnourished , reports The Dodo .

Mary and her daughters discovered a litter of 4 puppies in very bad shape there . They suffered from distemper , which is very contagious and fatal for 80% of small dogs at an advanced stage. There was not much for them to do, so the mother decided to take them home , to allow them to live their last days in a peaceful place.

Soon after, 3 of them sadly died . Against all expectations, the smallest of the litter, a female , survived . They called her Faith . The fact that she remained alive is a miracle . She beat all the odds and grew up.

Of course, Faith still retains the after -effects of her hard life in the refuge and of malnutrition, especially in terms of her teeth . Nevertheless, she has nothing more to fear thanks to Mary and her daughters, who assure her love and security on a daily basis.

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