1,300 dogs in his house. At 68, this retiree welcomes all the stray dogs she meets on her way!

AFP News Agency – Noel Celis / Facebook

In China, a retiree has been collecting and caring for stray dogs by the hundreds for two decades. Even if the task becomes more and more difficult, she would not let these animals down for the world.

Wen Junhong , 68, lives in the heights of Chongqing , in the company of… 1300 dogs . His house is also home to a hundred cats , horses , rabbits and birds , as reported by Sud-Ouest .

She could have enjoyed a peaceful retirement after a long career as an environmental technician , but she chose to devote her life to these stray animals. A mission that she had given herself 20 years ago, when she had discovered an abandoned Pekingese and decided to take care of him.

Forced to move several times because of complaints from the neighborhood , she recently spent the money obtained from the sale of her old house to the maintenance of her new address and the needs of her protégés. His retirement pension and his savings also go there.

Its charitable activity costs a lot of money on a daily basis. Preparing half a ton of food every day, ensuring the hygiene of the premises and the care of the animals, that represents colossal expenses . These are partly covered by donations , which Wen Junhong has started to receive in recent years thanks to the media coverage to which she is entitled.

The lack of space is also starting to be seriously felt. While some dogs can roam the grounds as they please, other animals are kept in cages to prevent conflict . Which earned him some criticism on social networks.

The sixty-year-old is well aware of this and does what she can to offer a life worthy of the name to her residents, who were left to their own devices , and even mistreated for the most part, before arriving at her home. “ It’s really, really hard. There are always more dogs and they have less and less room, ”she told AFP .

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If more and more Chinese families adopt dogs, cats or other companions, a good part of them end up being abandoned . In the municipality of Chongqing , which has around 30 million inhabitants, many owners know where to drop off their animals when they no longer want them. At Ms. Junhong’s in this case. Others do not even deign to place them and get rid of them by leaving them in the streets.

To help him during his endless days punctuated by meals, care and cleaning, Wen Junhong has a team of 6 dedicated and passionate employees who live on site.

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