Thrown from the top of a viaduct by its former owner, this Pitbull with broken bones is relearning life with its new masters!

While rushing towards a dog that had just been thrown over a bridge, a motorist did not only save him. It also enabled him to find a family.

A woman was driving her car driving over a bridge in Portland , Oregon, when she witnessed a scene that was both shocking and surreal . Someone had just thrown something over the viaduct. The motorist immediately stopped and saw with dismay that it was a dog , reports Animal Channel .

Without wasting time, she rescued the poor animal, a Pitbull who suffered martyrdom after his fall . She called her daughter , April Eells , who works at an animal clinic . The two took him to the veterinary emergency room , where examinations revealed that the quadruped suffered from multiple fractures and had several damaged ligaments .

The dog needed to be operated on , but April Eells did not have the money to pay for her care. So she started a fundraiser and in no time there was enough money to pay for the Pitbull operation.

Hank was therefore successfully operated on and gradually recovered from his mishap. He now has a family , as April Eells officially adopted him .

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