What if you took your dog or cat to work thanks to Purina’s Pets at Work alliance?

Illustration : "Et si vous emmeniez votre chien ou chat au travail grâce à l'alliance Pets at Work de Purina ?" © Purina – Pets at work

The benefits of having pets in the workplace are proving their worth, some studies point in this direction. Thus, several companies have taken the initiative to implement this new trend in order to test its benefits. It is in this vein that Purina has launched its Pets at Work program to encourage as many companies as possible to become pet-friendly.”

There is nothing like the presence of a pet to break the ice, relax the atmosphere and promote exchanges between people. You only have to observe the dog owners in the parks to realize this. Discussions start quite easily and social ties are forged. The observation is the same when applied to the world of work.”

More and more companies are accepting or even encouraging their employees to bring their 4-legged companions to their premises. Their managers understood that these animals had a lot to contribute to employees and that they indirectly made them more efficient. How? Helping to counter work-related tensions, encouraging colleagues to talk to each other more, relieve stress and help them stay motivated. This has been confirmed by more than one study.”

Many companies consider that welcoming pets on their premises promotes the image of their company, develops the performance of their employees and strengthens their loyalty.”

To encourage this approach, Purina has launched, for a few years now, the Pets at Work program. An initiative to which we have already naturally adhered at Woopets and which we can only invite you to experiment in your turn, employees and employers, as it is so much a source of profits. At Woopets, we regularly welcome a female Australian Shepherd named Oria. It belongs to Anthony Pruvost, founder of the site, he testifies: “Oria at Woopets rhymes with relaxed working atmosphere. It starts in the morning with the arrival of the employees: always moved by the festive welcome reserved for them to start the day on the right foot. The rest of the time, Oria follows the rhythm of the company. Naps during our moments of concentration, games and walks during breaks. A clever mix to ensure the well-being of everyone at work. The Pets at Work initiative is also in total coherence with the corporate culture since Woopets is a media site dedicated to… pets”

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The brand specializing in pet food therefore proposes to accompany companies that wish to take the plunge. It provides them with a guide consisting of valuable advice on how to prepare for such a change and on the precautions to be taken to ensure that the experiment takes place in the best conditions. The goal for 2020 is to create 200 partnerships in this direction. Feel free to visit Purina’s website to learn more about the Pets at Work Alliance. The objective is clearly to integrate a new standard into the working conditions of the French and beyond.”

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