Homeless, he literally bursts into tears when he finds his dog he thought was lost!

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A young man, homeless, loses his companion, a dog he never thought to see again. Several individuals start looking for him and their reunion takes place.

In England, a young man aged 24 who lives on the street , slept under a bridge with his dog , Crystal . Suddenly, a fight breaks out somewhere nearby and the animal gets scared and runs away . By not finding his friend, Lee was devastated.

He looked for his dog all over town , but couldn’t find her trail. So he decided to go ask for help from an organization called Helping Hands.

The organization informed several people of the dog’s disappearance and the search began. Soon the circle grew and hundreds of volunteers joined in. Posters were hung. After a week, the dog was found .

It was a farmer who spotted the animal and called the organization to warn it. Helping Hands’ Toni Mella Sweeney tells Dodo how she tried to support Lee while the research was ongoing. But nothing could have filled the void the dog had left. Miraculously, Lee found his pet.

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The emotion was at its height during the reunion. The young man was in tears and the dog was more than happy to find her master. They were given a leash to keep Crystal from straying from her friend.

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