Volunteers gain the trust of two dogs in chains for over two years and provide them with a loving home

Chained outside, terrified and hungry, 2 dogs were aggressive towards the volunteers who came to help them. However, the latter were able to make them understand that they were only there for their own good. The incredible transformation of these canines in distress began from then on.

For over 2 years, Ratty and Batty lived in extremely difficult conditions . These dogs were permanently chained and their collars had sunk into their skin . They were also hungry and got scared whenever anyone tried to approach them. A fear that translated into aggression , as Paw My Gosh recounts.

The Sidewalk Specials team , an association based in Cape Town , South Africa, however, was determined to save them .

The volunteers took all their time to get these dogs to understand that they had nothing to fear . They fed them and comforted them . The canines gradually relaxed .

Ratty and Batty could finally be freed from their shackles which made them suffer so much. They were then taken to the veterinary clinic . The dogs were infested with ticks and suffered from anemia and mange . Batty had a broken leg . They were both treated .

6 months later, the quadrupeds have become unrecognizable . They were adopted by 2 separate families, but their respective mistresses agreed to meet regularly to allow them to reunite . They often have the opportunity to play together on the beach.

Their new life has absolutely nothing to do with the one they knew before, until the intervention of Sidewalk Specials . Now their names are Otis and Benji .

Here is their rescue and metamorphosis in video :

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