Two young girls rescue a puppy trapped in a python attack in their own garden (Video)

Last week, a puppy who was playing in his owners’ garden was attacked by a python, which began to suffocate him by curling around him. Fortunately, 2 family members quickly intervened and saved his life.

Michelle van Schouwen lives in Queensland, Australia. She recently adopted a puppy that she named Jasper . The latter is a 9 week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier / German Shepherd cross. The young woman almost lost him , but she came to his aid just in time, as reported by Fox News .

On November 27, Jasper was playing quietly in the garden . While passing near a bush , he was struck by a carpet python ( Morelia spilota ) which was lying in wait there.

Emerging in a flash, the snake immediately began to wrap itself around the body of the little dog to immobilize it and suffocate it. About twenty seconds later, when the puppy could no longer offer the slightest resistance, Michelle van Schouwen , alerted by the cries of distress from the young canine, came running .

She first tried to hit the reptile with some kind of stick, then decided to grab the python to shake it . Eventually, the assailant let go and Jasper was released . The pup got away with minimal injuries , especially to the ear.

The whole scene was filmed by the surveillance camera placed in the garden. Here is the video of the attack:

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The carpet python is so called because the marks covering its skin are reminiscent of the patterns of rugs . It is a non-poisonous snake , but the bite of which is particularly painful .


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