14 dogs with sublime fur that you will never tire of cuddling

Some dogs have such a long, silky coat that you never want to stop petting them. Like the ones we can see in these photos.

Long-haired dogs have that plush look that no one can resist. It is characteristic of certain dog breeds to have a very bushy coat. A feature that makes everyone want to hug them.

Here are 14 photos of long-haired dogs that we would like to pet.

1. A majestic and cozy Pyrenean Mountain Dog at the same time

2. A coat reminiscent of the famous Chewbacca

3. A lovely Samoyed dog under the snow

4. He would like us to turn on the fan again, because he makes his coat fly

5. A perfect Chow Chow for petting and cuddling

6. When the wind is strong, his coat starts to twirl, which is sure to amuse him.

7. A tricolor dog that will only accept petting from its owner

8. With this air so wise, this adorable dog melts hearts

9. A Komondor who can boast of having a one-of-a-kind dress

10. The return of Chewbacca or the dog who turns the head of the whole canvas with his surprisingly silky dress

11. Their owner did not have the heart to separate them and kept them all 3

12. This Poodle has a shiny and silky coat, bronze color

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13. Her flyaways make her look chewy

14. With such a face, no one will take away the right to choose the sofa he wants


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