Tame a destructive dog

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some dogs suffer from disturbing and / or disturbing behavioral disorders. Some masters are difficult to deal with. It’s not always easy to react correctly to a destructive dog. Therefore, we provide some tips to control it and correct its problems.


what is a destructive dog? How do dogs become destructive? Fear induced stress, lack of activity, allergy and hyperactivity how to control a destructive dog? In short,

trimmed your slippers, tore open the curtains, ransacked your sofa and scratched the floor. He began to cry and bark for no reason. When you came home from work, you suddenly found a bad surprise.

what is a destructive dog?

is a destructive dog. It destroys its owner and / or things at home every day. Worn shoes, torn pillows, worn furniture, broken items… It’s the damage that destructive dogs can do. But that’s more than that. Animals also develop the habit of soiling floors and textiles, urine and feces. It could be a puppy or an adult dog. Destruction may occur in the presence of the owner, but generally speaking, evil behavior occurs in the absence of the owner. How does the

dog become destructive?

it is important to understand the origin of animal diseases before “curing” diseases.

stress caused by fear

reason: many destructive dogs are brought to their mothers and adopted too early. Therefore, they are very attached to their master. When the master is away, they suddenly feel lonely and abandoned. Therefore, they express their anxiety and dissatisfaction by destroying familiar things. Start with a small cycle and then extend over time. Your dog will notice that you go home every time you leave. In fact, he won’t worry anymore. This will eliminate all his useless stress. The reason why

lacks activity

: your dog may be destroyed because of boredom. He is not active enough. He needs to vent and show it in his own way. In fact, when a dog is kept in a small house for a long time, it will eventually try to distract in any possible way, even the worst way. Travel long distances to give your dog time to express himself. On the other hand, you can also let him practice dog sports.

allergy and ADHD

reason: a dog with ADHD and ADHD is very young. He did not hesitate to respond to every sound, every action and excitement. He’s not afraid of anything. He’s not afraid of anything. If bitten, he will even get hurt. He can’t control himself. Almost one in two abandoned dogs has hs-ha syndrome. In addition to destructive behavior, cleaning is not his strong point.

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a dog with hs-ha often suffers from trauma at a very young age. This may be because she separated from her mother too quickly. She may also educate her puppy in the wrong way. Your puppy is born in too many nests, or on the contrary, it is lonely.

solution: treatment can reduce symptoms. Without him, they would become worse, anxious and antisocial. A dog hs-haMay become dominant, posing a real danger to children. You can choose behavioral therapy prescribed by a gender specialist veterinarian. At the same time, your dog will receive medical treatment.

the last dog may destroy the owner’s things in a very targeted way, or it may be a way to retaliate for the unfair behavior of animals. An important change in dog life can also explain why there is trouble: moving, the arrival of children or other animals… How does

control a destructive dog?

must first determine the cause of its problem. If it’s just boring, the damage is still one-time, and the animals won’t get dirty. Otherwise, it is a feeling of abandonment and revenge, which makes the owner pay for his absence or distance.

the correct attitude that dogs should take when they destroy things because of boredom: distraction! No bad pun, just give him a bone! Give her toys, give her more entertainment space, and don’t put fragile things out of her reach. The correct attitude to take when the dog is destroyed to express dissatisfaction: respond quickly, but be targeted! When his mistakes can be traced back to a few hours ago, it’s no use yelling and punishing him because he won’t understand. You have to adapt him to your absence. A simple exercise of

is to leave your home briefly (about 20 minutes). If it doesn’t destroy anything when you come back, reward it with touching or candy. This strategy should be repeated as long as it changes the object and shortens your absence. Instead, increase the duration of 10 minutes in 10 minutes, each time he performs well. When he doesn’t destroy anything, he must accept the given reward system. If the problem persists, it is recommended to consult a professional.


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in short,

is not accidental. He can make teeth with

. If this is a dog that shows anxiety, fear and fear and suffers from hs-ha syndrome

, you must

to recover this situation If your dog is allergic and hyperactive, please consult the behavioral veterinarian, or ask the dog educator to pull it out to make it busier

, you don’t have to

If you don’t keep your dog in a cage, scold him, punish him and let him give up everything. “

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