The moving reunion between a badly burned dog and his vet who saved him

In the spring of 2019, a fire ravaged a homeless camp in Florida . A camp where there is then a young dog, tied to a tree. The canine was found badly burned by the firefighters, who took him to a veterinary clinic. There he was taken care of by Dr. Latimer who saved his life, despite the many treatments inflicted.

The Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center (JPESC) will forever be remembered as the start of the rest of his life . As synonymous with a new start for Smokey, which does not take its name from mere chance. It was donated by the Florida Fire Department after it was found and miraculously rescued from a fire in March 2017.

When fire troopers were called in to an open fire at a West Palm Beach homeless camp , they could never have expected to find Smokey . A guard dog tied to a tree . A badly burned animal screaming in pain . The firefighters, Marcos Orozca in the lead, rescued him in time and took him to the JPESC where Dr. Latimer , veterinarian , did not need to be asked to take care of him.

Blood transfusions, baths and bandages …

According to Animal Channel, Smokey’s burns were more severe than expected. They were particularly present on the back of the torso and on its legs . However, he was convinced of his ability to save him . He worked on it from the first few minutes.

Above all, her fears were quickly dispelled by the attention paid by the nursing staff and nurses . “ He started eating again and over time became less fearful, more confident. He understood that he was on the road to recovery, ”continues the clinic.

Adopted by another doctor!

Captain Gordon , of the fire brigade, was even able to bring him home during his convalescence. He introduced her to his two other dogs . What to give him a little company in these complicated times. A week later, Smokey returned to JPESC for further examinations . The moment Dr. Latimer arrived, Smokey was very upbeat . As if he knew full well that he owed this man his life.

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In addition, Dr. Katelyn Thomas , still from the same clinic, offered to adopt it. In order to forget this painful part of his life, Smokey was renamed Fen . A Fen who is now totally healed and who has kept close ties with Dr. Latimer, whom he sees regularly …


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