Moved by the vision of a sick Pitbull abandoned and tied to a tree, a firefighter on duty decides to adopt him!

Neglected and afflicted with mange, a Pitbull dog has been abandoned and tied to a tree by her owners. As soon as he found out, a firefighter went to the scene and rescued her, before taking her to a shelter. However, he knew deep down that his place was at home, within his family.

In Sacramento , Calif., Mike Thawley and his fellow firefighters were told that a puppy had been discovered abandoned and tied to a tree while they were on their way to rescue. Once this was over, the man decided to go see the canine in question.

It was a young Pitbull bitch . Named Chunk , she had been neglected for weeks by her owners, who ended up getting rid of her by leaving her on her own, reports Go Animals .

The poor dog was frozen with cold . She had also lost a large part of her coat due to the scabies . Mike Thawley untied her , then took her to the barracks where she spent the night. The next morning, the firefighter has entrusted the shelter Front Street Animal Shelter, where she began her treatments.

The next day, Mike Thawley came to visit him at the shelter. Chunk was very happy to see him again . She ran towards him wagging her tail . The man already knew: there was a real connection between him and the bitch. His whole family came to meet Chunk in the reception structure.

A few days later, the firefighter formalized the adoption of Chunk . However, she had to spend another 4 months at the shelter, the time to finish her treatment. This period ended, she was finally able to discover her new home .

Chunk has been part of Mike Thawley’s family for 4 years, leading a happy life with the man who saved her on that cold day in October 2016.

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