Used as a training target, this dog, marked for life and awaiting a home, still has love to spare

Mike Diesel hadn’t hesitated for a single second to come to the aid of a gunshot wounded dog. The latter, despite the ordeal he had just gone through, has lost nothing of his friendly character.

Mike Diesel is the founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue , an organization that collects, cares for and adopts abandoned and stray dogs in the city of Detroit , Michigan.

He had barely rescued a dog and put it in his car when he was contacted to inform him that another animal in great distress needed help. The quadruped in question had been shot and was in the Rouge Park area , in the western part of town. He had probably been targeted by children, reports The Dodo .

The man therefore immediately went to the scene and indeed found the dog, hit in the shoulder .

He took him to a veterinary clinic , where an x-ray examination confirmed the presence of a bullet, but also revealed an almost miraculous fact. The projectile had not hit any vital organ . He had even touched the face, but had left only a small lesion there. This scar led Mike Diesel to call him Lucky , in reference to the famous gangster Lucky Luciano , who was notably known for his scars.

The vet provided him with the necessary care, but he decided not to remove the bullet . Leaving it in Lucky’s body was safer than operating to remove it. During his recovery, he wore a sweater to prevent him from scratching his wound. A piece of clothing that he easily accepted, maybe even adored, to see his attitude in the photos.

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Despite everything he’s been through, Lucky shows no signs of trauma . Very friendly , he starts to lick anyone who comes his way, starting, of course, with Mike Diesel . The latter kept him at home, while waiting to find him an adoptive family .


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