Your dog will like fruits and vegetables

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although dogs are carnivores, foods containing fruits and vegetables may be beneficial to dog health.


1. Pineapple 2. Cucumber 3. Peaches 4. Carrot 5. Mango 6. Watermelon 7. Banana 8. Raspberry 9. Strawberries 10. Mung bean 11. Blueberry 12. Pumpkin 13. Spinach 14. Kdsps pears you can’t afford to give your dog all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Some food is harmful to his health. Instead, others contribute to her good nutrition and well-being. However, it should not eat too much.

in order to motivate you, we have selected 14 kinds of fruits and vegetables for you, which your four legged partner can enjoy. If you want more information, please find out which foods are allowed and prohibited through our service


1. Pineapple

pineapple is rich in manganese, vitamin B5, fiber and bromelain. The latter helps to control some inflammatory diseases. Its rich moisture also keeps your dog hydrated in the summer. However, be careful not to abuse pineapple rich in sugar and acid. If so, it may damage your dog’s diet or damage his digestive system. Cucumber

cucumber contains phytochemical components to control halitosis. It is also good for diabetic dogs and can help your partner replenish water. 95% water, which is a very interesting supplement if your dog has difficulty drinking its own water. Cucumber provides him with vitamins (mainly K and C), which will strengthen his immune system and bones.

fresh peaches not only taste delicious, but also contribute to the nutrition of four legged partners. They are rich in fiber and vitamin A, but be careful not to let your dog swallow the nucleus. The latter contains cyanide and is toxic. As with every plant food, be sure to pay attention to quantity.

4. Carrot

carrot is the real source of vitamin A and β – carotene. These two nutrients can protect your dog’s liver and eyes. Beta carotene can prevent cataracts or possible eye degeneration. The fiber in carrots and its low calories will help overweight dogs lose weight.

mangoes are beneficial not only to human health, but also to dogs. They are rich in vitamins (vitamins A, B6, C and E). Mango contains antioxidants, which can protect dogs from diseases and enhance their immune system. Rich in water, keep plenty of water. However, be careful to remove the nuclei that are toxic to your animal, just like fishing. Watermelon

watermelon is rich in β – carotene, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. Dogs like its sweetness and refreshing effect. It consists of about 90% water and completely moisturizes your dog. However, be careful not to give him too much. Remove the skin and core to protect his intestines from any risk of obstruction.

7. Banana

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bananas are rich in vitaminsNES (C and B6), minerals and antioxidants. They are well suited to strengthening his immune system. It is recommended to eat an appropriate amount to improve the dog’s hair and skin health. Bananas are rich in fiber and are ideal for relieving your dog’s gastrointestinal problems, such as diarrhea. Magnesium in bananas is a real benefit to its bone health. The naturally occurring sugar in bananas is a huge energy boost, but be careful that excess can lead to obesity. Raspberry

raspberries are rich in vitamin C, have anti-inflammatory effects and help treat arthritis. However, raspberries have two risks: the first risk is over consumption, which may lead to overweight because raspberries are rich in sugar. You can only eat 2 to 3 berries a day. The second risk is still related to quantity. Xylitol in raspberries may be toxic to dogs if consumed in large quantities. Strawberry

strawberries are rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, iron, magnesium, potassium and folic acid. These nutrients naturally strengthen his immune system. Its high moisture can also effectively moisturize your animals. Cut them into small pieces, take off the leaves and give them to your dog moderately.

10. Mung beans

Illustration : "14 fruits et légumes que votre chien adorera"1″

mung beans, whether chopped, boiled or canned, will not pose a danger to your dog. They are rich in vitamins, iron, calcium and protein. Mung beans give your dog a good crossing point and fight any possible digestive problems. The low calorific value of mung beans allows your dog to maintain or lose weight while satisfying satiety. Blueberry

Illustration : "14 fruits et légumes que votre chien adorera"2″

blueberry is a food rich in vitamin C, fiber, antioxidants and phytochemical compounds. It can help your dog fight cellular and molecular damage and reduce the consequences of brain aging or potential tumors. Pumpkin

Illustration : "14 fruits et légumes que votre chien adorera"3″

fresh and cooked pumpkins are rich in fiber and β – carotene. The presence of fiber and high water content can greatly help dogs with constipation. It is important to remove leaves and skin. Seeds can only be eaten if they are cooked in advance. Spinach

spinach is rich in vitamins A, C and E, fiber, iron and protein. After cooking, it is conducive to the health of dog hair, bones and cells. Like other vegetables, raw vegetables are difficult to digest and can even be fatal to dogs with kidney disease. The high content of oxalate in spinach is the cause of kidney damage in dogs. Therefore, be careful before giving your dog spinach to ensure that he can enjoy all the benefits of this vegetable.

pears are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, C, e and K, antioxidants and folic acid. They are a food that helps dog partners to be nutritious and healthy. It strengthens your immune system and promotes cell regeneration in your dog. Like many fruits, its high moisture helps it moisturize.

you can summarize all the above information in this video:

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