What is raw material?

Illustration : "Qu'est-ce que le Raw Feeding ?"

some veterinarians, dog nutrition experts and dog owners believe that the industrial feed currently provided is neither suitable for the nature of dogs nor for the needs of dogs. This is why they advocate alternative diets and reject processed, packaged and even cooked products. This is a concept based on animals and raw food advocated by Australian veterinarians.

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seeks a diet faithful to the origin of dogs, excluding industrial dog feed: in favor of and against

Dr. Tom Lonsdale has been promoting his dog food concept all over the world since Windsor, New South Wales. According to the latter, our four legged friends only need raw meat, bones and internal organs. This will be the only food intake a healthy dog needs. Everything else is not only useless, but also more harmful to animals, because they are the root of various diseases and diseases. This is the basis of the original feed.

seeks a feed that is faithful to the origin of the dog

. It is precisely because the dog is essentially a carnivore that Tom Lonsdale developed his original feed theory. In the wild environment of his ancestors, nutrients from plants were naturally provided by the contents of the stomach of prey. He had never eaten cereal before he was domesticated by humans 20000 to 40000 years ago.

therefore, the original feed supports the belief that the food given to dogs today must be similar to the food eaten by ancient ancestors when hunting. In other words, meat, bones and internal organs are raw. The word “raw material” literally means “raw material”. The diet of


is similar to the concept of barf (“biologically suitable raw material”), but different from barf in many ways. Although in barf, food includes vegetables, oil (plant or animal origin) or beer yeast, the originator of the original feed believes that dogs can get rid of it well. The recommended proportion of raw materials is usually 75% of meat, 15% of bone and 10% of viscera. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more not including industrial dog food

industrial dog food is not original feed dog food. Therefore, it is forbidden to sell snacks, pies and candy in large supermarkets and pet stores.


these products can lead to dog health problems: indigestion, bad breath, dull peeling, food allergy, skin problems,

raw feed: support and oppose

. Dr. Tom Lonsdale believes that the raw feed is conducive to the health and well-being of dogs. Therefore, it can be expected that animals fed in this way will reduce digestion and breathing problems, obtain better energy input, better hair quality, and so on. For those who believe that raw food is not so good, the main risks are lack, excess (especially minerals), sharp bones (which may suffocate or pierce the dog’s digestive tract), andThe quality of meat given to animals.


are the best, so consult your veterinarian before considering giving your dog this or any other diet. He will advise and guide you to choose the type and quantity of food suitable for your partner

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