This boy makes bow ties for shelter dogs to make them easier to adopt

Darius was looking for a way to make shelter dogs more attractive, thereby increasing their chances of being adopted. It was then that his passion for sewing came into play.

From the top of his 12 years , Darius Brown already has projects in his head . He dreams of joining the prestigious Stanford University to become a business lawyer , but also of becoming a fashion designer and owning a house with 3 dogs . He’s even already chosen the breeds of them: a Dachshund , a Dalmatian and a Golden Retriever , as he told The Dodo .

Indeed, Darius Brown has made a specialty of creating bow ties with cheerful patterns and colors, to be worn by dogs waiting for their luck in shelters. It was his sister who taught him the basics of sewing , then he took a few courses to improve his skills. He explains his approach in these words: “ When people come to a shelter, they see the dogs dressed in their bow ties and realize how cute they are. They then cannot resist the urge to take them home ”.

Darius Brown takes care of all the steps himself; from design to manufacturing, including the purchase of fabrics.

He even created his own brand called Beaux & Paws , and today must meet an ever-growing demand. He says, moreover, that when he has his own house, it will serve as a foster home for dogs waiting to join their final families.

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With such a big heart and such a desire to succeed, this boy has a bright future , just like the dogs he helps in his own way.


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