17 photos of Shiba Inu who love each other, despite the difference in character

A Shiba Inu and his sister adore each other despite classic sibling conflicts. These photos illustrate their daily life.

Mika and Zero are 2 dogs of the Shiba Inu breed who live in Hong Kong. Mika is Zero’s younger sister who is much less playful by nature. Indeed, Mika’s favorite pastime is teasing his older brother until he loses his temper and reacts. Which is not without amusing the little one even more.

Here are 17 photos of Mika and Zero who love each other despite everything.

1. Mika never forgets to make a face for the photo

2. We can see which of the 2 is not impressed

3. Zero and his adorable plush

4. The 2 siblings gained weight , but did not change their attitude

5. When they are not busy teasing each other, they are especially tender with each other.

6. Mika is always in a good mood when you wake up

7. While his brother fears his excess energy

8. The little sister loves to stick her tongue out in front of her brother until he goes wild

9. Mika and Zero with their friends Shiba Inu

10. Time to sleep for the eldest sibling

11. A bitch overflowing with energy who smiles to her teeth

12. Sometimes Mika smiles softer and is kind to her brother.

13. A little quarrel between brother and sister

14. Zero rolls around in the grass and bares his teeth at his sister who teases him from afar

15. These 2 should pay attention to their weight

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16. Mika with his brother’s blanket

17. A smiling Mika in her flower garden


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