Élisa Pilarski case: Brigitte Bardot contacts the Minister of Justice to try to save Christophe Ellul’s dog

Brigitte Bardot / Twitter – Elisa Pilarski / Facebook

In a letter addressed to the Minister of Justice, Brigitte Bardot asks that Curtis, designated as the ideal culprit, be protected. She believes that the responsibility of the Pitbull has not been established and that the hunting dogs, present on the scene on the day of the tragedy, represented a real danger, because left to their own devices.

She recalls that, on November 16, 2019, the day of the tragedy, the piqueux (the person in charge of the pack) was absent because he was ill. The Rallye de la Passion hunting dog team was therefore “left to fend for itself ”, which represented “ a real danger ”. Something that Brigitte Bardot would have liked that the hunters had the honesty to recognize .

Yesterday Monday, sad anniversary of the death of Elisa Pilarski: reminder of the facts

As a reminder, Elisa Pilarski was found dead in the forest of Retz in the Aisne a year ago, after having walked there Curtis , one of the dogs of the couple she formed with Christophe Ellul . Recent developments in the investigation – results of DNA analyzes and conclusions of the expertise of veterinarians mandated by justice – designated the Pitbull as the sole author of the bites that caused the death of the young woman of 29 years, 6 months pregnant. .

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Following which Christophe Ellul had given a press conference to defend Curtis . A speech that provoked the reaction of the lawyer of the Rallye de la Passion , who raised the possibility of filing a complaint against the widower of the victim. </p

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