Moved by the act of bravery of the firefighters who saved her dog, she decides to give them more than 7,000 animal masks to help them save as many of them as possible!

The owner of a dog named Emma Zen is raising funds to equip firefighters with oxygen masks for pets. Her 4-legged friend had herself been rescued from a fire.

Debra Jo Chiapuzio , 58, has always wanted to help others , whether they are humans or animals. In the past, she worked as a tattoo artist and worked mainly with people cured of cancer or victims of burns , including firefighters .

The firefighters, in fact, this Californian is particularly grateful to them for having saved the dog who is today her most faithful friend: Emma Zen . The latter, a Great Dane / Labrador-Retriever cross, was only 4 months old when she was discovered and rescued by firefighters while they were fighting forest fires in Southern California. Emma Zen was then taken to the Anaheim City shelter , where Debra Jo Chiapuzio adopted her , Today reports.

In addition, for years, Debra Jo Chiapuzio has volunteered to teach first aid to pets. It was also through this activity that she realized that firefighters, especially those in Anaheim , did not have oxygen masks suitable for dogs, cats and other companions.

After donating 17 copies of this type of mask to the city’s fire department, she created the Emma Zen Foundation , through which she helps other rescue services acquire them.

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Since 2011, the year of the creation of its foundation, Debra Jo Chiapuzio and Emma Zen have contacted and visited fire stations throughout the West Coast of the United States. She organizes fundraisers to equip them with oxygen masks for pets.

Thus, to date, Emma Zen Foundation has made it possible to provide 7,500 such equipment to dozens of relief units. Enough to save many precious lives.


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