What’s canicros’ belt?

Illustration : "Quelle ceinture choisir pour le canicross ?"

canine is a highly demanding discipline. In this discipline, you and your dog are one, because they are connected by a line. Your pet must feel full and free. As far as you are concerned, you should be comfortable even though you are wearing a seat belt. Which is best for the sport? What material to choose? We recommend that you use this essential device.


elastic belt changed to shoulder belt? In the previous guide, we can browse the seat belts required by your dog. Now it’s your turn to equip. The belt of a canine should be easy to wear. Even if your dog may shoot, don’t hurt you. When going out and running, it must not hinder you.

elastic belt

do not choose manual belt. The canine belt must first be strong and durable and can withstand many shocks. It must protect your back, because your back will suffer a lot of vibration. When you make the wrong choice, the shame of going out may be real, especially when your dog is strong.


canine belts are tied around your waist. It allows you to run hands-free. However, the pressure on the hips and lower back is real. Some belts are reinforced at the back. Its back must be at least 7cm wide.

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shoulder strap may be a good substitute. It is even advocated. This is something to wear like underwear. It helps keep your hips and back. If your dog has great power, it is especially useful. The shoulder belt is kept in place, where the seat belt can rise, not its main purpose, that is, to keep your back. It limits the risk of injury.

you feel first

belt, just like your dog’s belt or belt. It depends on how you feel inside. There are many options. You must choose the one that best suits you.

seat belts and shoulder belts can be distinguished according to ergonomics and width. A larger width can better protect your back and surround it, but it will also affect your freedom of movement. Finding the right balance is not easy. In addition, some belts or shoulder straps are heavier than others. In general, belts are lighter than shoulder straps.

finally, you must consider using a material that is both durable and breathable. Finally, some belts allow you to store items such as candy or gel while running. Here, this is also a way to liberate both hands.


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, the choice of canicross belt is for everyone. Always consider choosing a strong, strong, lightweight belt that won’t endanger your back and hips. The belt should not move up or up very little. If you run with a strong dog, we suggest you change your shoulder belt. Of course, the sense of freedom will be reduced, but your body will be better protected from the impact and vibration of duet competition.

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