To help animal rights evolve in France, she walks 2,500 km

Humanisma Project

Charlotte Arnal set herself a challenge: cross France on foot and go to the National Assembly in order to push for the amendment of the Constitution in favor of animal rights.

Behind the Humanisma project, there is Charlotte Arnal . The 37-year-old young woman, enrolled in the 1 st promotion of the University Diploma in Animal Law in Toulon , believes that France is behind in terms of animal protection . She cites, in fact, several neighboring countries which have changed their legislation in this area: Germany which banned hunting with hounds in 1950, Austria which made it illegal to keep wild animals in circuses in 2005, Switzerland, which abolished live castration of piglets 10 years ago, as well as Luxembourg where the destruction of male chicks has been prohibited since 2018.

Charlotte Arnal denounces a gap between the growing awareness of the public regarding the animal question and its legal and legal treatment in France. She intends to make her voice heard and those of all the people who share her convictions in this matter before the National Assembly on October 4, 2020 . The choice of the date is obviously not trivial: it is World Animal Day . It is on foot that she will get to Paris , after a journey of one year and 2,500 km from Montpellier , comprising 187 stages, each covering 12 km on average.

She therefore began her adventure on October 4, 2019 in Hérault. Regularly, Charlotte Arnal recounts her progress via social networks . She also reports on her meetings as they go along, since she talks with all kinds of stakeholders, between experts, activists and politicians , but also people who are at the opposite of the cause that she defends: hunters, breeders, slaughterhouse employees , as she talks about in the video below recorded in Périgord on January 18.

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You can follow Charlotte Arnal’s progress via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the Humanisma project website.


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