Destroyed by forced pregnancies in a puppy mill, this miracle dog expects a new family

Almira was only skin on her bones when she was discovered and collected. She was used as a breeding dog and she received no form of care. The vets thought she was doomed, but an association did everything to save her.

Anyone who knows the Central Asian Shepherd knows how impressive and majestic this dog is. Representatives of this breed display a weight that is more than 50 kg, some reaching 80. A female found in Nalchik , in southern Russia, however weighed only 29 kg .

As reported by Bored Panda , this bitch was totally neglected by her owners, for whom she was just a puppy-making machine. The countless litters she had to give birth failed to finish her off. Extremely thin , the uterus badly damaged , wounded all over, entire sections of her body hairless , the bitch was in a more than alarming state .

The volunteers of the KP association immediately took her to Moscow , as local veterinary resources were limited. In the Russian capital, the dog, who was given the name Almira , was taken to an animal clinic, but upon examining her, vets were skeptical about her chances of survival . A blood transfusion was performed and rather heavy treatments began to be given to him.

Little by little, we were able to see progress . Almira was starting to wag her tail . An encouraging sign.

During the following weeks, his state of health remained fluctuating . Periods of stability and critical ones alternated ceaselessly. KP volunteers continued to take care of her and give her love.

In a few months, the bitch approached a normal condition and appearance, although she still has to be the subject of continuous veterinary follow-up .

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She lives at the association’s shelter with 6 other dogs. In the past, she was completely lonely and neglected , but that’s now just a bad memory. Now the KP team is looking for an adoptive family for her .


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