The act of benevolence of volunteers to teach a German Shepherd Dog born without hind legs to walk normally

Thanks to the perseverance of volunteers and donations, a dog born without hind legs has received prostheses and is learning to walk again. It’s a whole new stage in his life that begins for the brave Ryder.

Ryder didn’t have an easy youth because of his disability, but he’s overcoming it with a determination and courage that commands admiration. Just like the work done by those who take care of him elsewhere.

This one year old German Shepherd is the only survivor of a litter of 3 puppies born to an illegal breeder in Miami , Florida. Shortly after his birth, his mother had accidentally amputated his hind legs while biting them, according to the Daily Star .

CBS Miami

When he arrived at the local Picolinis Animal Rescue , a prize pool was launched to raise funds to acquire prosthetic paws for Ryder . In 2 months, the contribution counter showed more than 10,000 dollars (approximately 8,500 euros).

The prostheses were thus manufactured and delivered. It was then necessary to make sure that the dog became familiar with its artificial paws and that its hindquarters were strengthened.

CBS Miami

Along with these exercises, the German Shepherd follows hydrotherapy sessions allowing him to gain strength and mobility.

CBS Miami

Sofia Valverde is the fundraiser. She follows the history of the canine from the beginning, and its evolution enchants her. “ He’s just bursting with vitality, a happy dog. He never really thought he was different from the other German Shepherds he met, ”she says of him.

Ryder continues to work and take on challenge after challenge. It will soon be offered for adoption.

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CBS Miami


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