Father and son spot transport cage on motorbike road trip, rescue dog in alarming condition

Discovered by 2 bikers when she had been locked up for days in her transport case, Charlie Bravo was skeletal and covered with wounds. Today, the dog is totally transformed and has a family.

Motorbike enthusiasts, Bret Winingar and his son Zach were at the controls of their two-wheelers and were cruising the country roads of Little Rock , Arkansas (southern United States), when something caught their attention.

It was an abandoned transport crate in the middle of the vegetation. When they approached it, they noticed that the roof was partially eaten away . Inside, they discovered an extremely skinny little dog covered in wounds , as reported by I Love My Dog So Much .

Bret and Zach gave him a little water and food, and then went home to return to the car and take the animal responsible. They took the dog, who they named Charlie Bravo , to the vet . He established that she was in shock from the hunger and the long confinement .

The bikers have the hosted and took care. In a few days, his state of health was already improving noticeably. It was first question that they keep her on a temporary basis, the time to find her a new family . However, the Winingars became very fond of her and ended up adopting her .

Charlie Bravo has become the 4th family dog, its 3 seniors who, too, were rescued.

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Very quickly, the dog was very interested in the motorcycle. Bret then installed a basket at the back of his to allow Charlie Bravo to accompany him on his trips. She can’t do without it since.


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