6 fun game ideas adapted to your new puppy

Puppies have special needs. Especially in terms of games and learning, as we can see through these 6 points.

Welcoming a puppy requires special preparation. You have to think about your vaccination and diet, but also how to occupy it. Indeed, although puppies spend most of their time sleeping, they are overflowing with energy when they wake up. It is therefore advisable to use this energy wisely. Thus, some games can be used to amuse them while stimulating their intelligence. It is also a way to get them to exercise to fall asleep more easily.

Here are 6 games to do with your puppy to develop his abilities.

1. Agility

Placing obstacles in front of a puppy and encouraging him to overcome them develops his agility. With an adult dog, the obstacles are more important. It is therefore necessary to start with small obstacles when applying this game to a puppy, especially since its growing joints must be preserved.

This activity can be very varied. You can get the puppy to climb a step, crawl under a table, climb objects or even run after you. A reward will motivate him.

2. Remember names

There is a game to play with your puppy and a few family or friends to help him remember the names.

Standing in a circle, place the puppy in the middle. We designate someone by their first name. The latter must in turn call the puppy by his first name and reward him if he comes to him.

This is an exercise that can take a little while but is a good practice to teach the puppy the name.

3. Play in the water

In order to teach your puppy that bathing and swimming are fun activities, you can start by playing with the watering can.

A first encounter with water can be made by involving the puppy’s toys as well as the rewards under the jets of a watering can. The puppy will start to get used to the water and can even play in a small basin filled with water before tackling the sea and the bath.

4. Go look for the objects

This game is a must with our dog friends. With your puppy, start by throwing an object that is his measure and a short distance away.

It is possible that the puppy understands right away that he has to go get the object. But he may also need you to walk him to the object and then enthusiastically recall him, a treat in hand.

5. Hide and seek

Playing hide and seek with your puppy can boost his intelligence, teach him his name and use his olfactory faculties.

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6. The tug-of-war

Be careful to only use items that are permitted, such as ropes and other indestructible toys that puppies can chew on. The command to “let go” can take a long time to be integrated, so the puppy should be rewarded as soon as it drops what it is holding in its mouth.


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