Firefighters launch risky operation to try to recover dog stuck on 30-meter cliff

Animals sometimes find themselves in perilous situations, where only professionals can intervene. In British Columbia, Canada, a group of rescuers were contacted to help a dog trapped in the rocks, 30 meters high.

The ride for Chevy and its owners turned into a nightmare. As they strolled down Mimi Falls Path, the trail to a natural site near Logan Lake, the 7-year-old dog slipped dangerously. She found herself isolated on a ledge overlooking a 30-meter-deep ravine, People reports.


His family and passers-by tried to retrieve the animal on their own. In vain. As the action turned out to be unsuccessful and too risky, one of them called for help.


A life-saving operation that lasted 2 hours

The Royal Canadian Mountain Police and the Logan Lake Volunteer Fire Department came to Chevy’s rescue. When they arrived at the scene of the accident, they drew up a plan. To catch the endangered quadruped, professionals brought out special equipment used in climbing.


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