Does my dog have talent?

Does my dog have talent? Illustration : "Mon chien est-il surdoué ?"

this is a question many dog owners are asking. However, if it is legal, it should not be an end in itself, nor should it affect people’s love and love for it. How to evaluate a dog’s intelligence?

if dogs can’t read or write to take the traditional test, dogs can be evaluated according to their behavior and how to find solutions to problems. Some research on the intelligence of our four legged friends has been completed, but today it is considered to refer to the research of Professor Stanley collen. We can use his method to judge whether our dog has special analysis and adaptability, but it should not be fascinating. All dogs have intelligence, but some dogs are better at specific fields, while others need more time to learn. As we will see in these lines, the dog’s tendency is not enough; American psychologist Stanley Coren specializes in psychology and neuropsychology. He has done a variety of work in the intelligence and cognitive ability of dogs. Therefore, his research led him to conclude that our dog friend has the intelligence of a 2-year-old human baby.

Professor Stanley collen said that dogs can understand an average of 165 words. The best people in this field can respond to and retain nearly 1000 expressions.

he also identified three kinds of intelligence of dogs: instinctive intelligence, situational adaptation intelligence and work intelligence. Therefore, this means that in addition to the birth inclination of dogs, the environment and daily activities also shape their abilities. Professor collen even put forward figures in this regard. He believes that 49% of a dog’s intelligence depends on its environment, and the other 51% is purely genetics.


simply put, no matter what kind of dog your dog is, let it exercise and give it a variety of activities, Teach him something new regularly and you will develop his intelligence.

has been proposed due to the theme of breeds. It is undeniable that they play an important but not decisive role in the intelligence of dogs, because each dog has its own genetic background.

some dog breeds are easier to learn and analyze the situation. Here, we refer again to the work of Professor collen, who developed a complete test and evaluation protocol to obtain the ranking of the smartest dogs. Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

This shepherd native to England has excellent working ability, agility, protection and enthusiasm… When it gathers sheep or sees it in agility and obedience competition, you only need to see it working. It was followed by poodles, German shepherds, golden retrievers and Dobermans. Shetland shepherd, Labrador Retriever, big butterfly, Lowe and buviAustralia r completed Stanley Coren’s top 10 smartest dogs. You can find the complete ranking by clicking here. How does

evaluate the intelligence of his dog? So, how do we know if his dog’s intelligence is above average? Simply put, let him be tested, where he must demonstrate his analytical and coping skills.

for example, hide his favorite candy or toys somewhere and see how fast he can find them. Of course, smell plays a decisive role here, but most importantly, it is the way animals are studied that gives clues to their ability.


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The time spent learning new skills also shows his wisdom. The faster he integrates and master these exercises, the higher his intelligence.

finally, the dog’s response to what he says is also one of the criteria for evaluating the dog’s intelligence. You can tell your animal a series of terms he doesn’t know, but there is a command he has mastered well before (e.g. sitting), and then see if he hears it in the middle of the sequence to execute it

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