Dog lost in the open sea found 16 hours later on dry land

Seeking to catch a duck, a bitch rushed through the waves and has not reappeared since. His masters expected the worst and their fears only grew stronger as time went on. Fortunately, 16 hours after her disappearance, she was found safe and sound by a local.

Tilly spent the night without her family, on a UK beach, after she got lost on a walk , but was eventually found unharmed , as reported by the BBC .

On Thursday February 4, the 8 year old female dog accompanied her owner ‘s father , Hayley Varney , to Garwick Beach on the Isle of Man . The female English Springer had then spotted a duck and decided to pursue it in the water . It was there that she was lost to follow-up .

Its owner feared the worst, because the sea was rough at that time. Besides, Tilly was not used to swimming . The family looked everywhere for her, but to no avail. She notified the local coast guard , Douglas’s , but they couldn’t find her either. They had to stop their research at nightfall, after having combed this part of the coast for 2 hours.

Found the next day on the rocks

Finally, the dog was spotted the next day Friday by a man living not far from there. She was standing on the rocks on the south side of the beach. He was able to attract her and put her to safety, while awaiting the arrival of his mistress.

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Hayley Varney could not hold back her tears when she found Tilly . Tears of joy and relief .

Back home, the dog is doing well . She resumed the walks, but far from the seaside.


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