Freed from the chain that held him prisoner, this dog lets his true personality explode

Although she was not easily approached, Dolly obviously expected only one thing: to be given love. Thanks to Hope for Paws, she now has a family after a long period of wandering and fear.

As soon as the Hope for Paws team , a Californian association helping canines in distress, learned that a dog needed to be rescued, they went to the scene to help him.

Words which, as if by magic , totally changed the attitude of the dog, become much more relaxed. It was also at this time that they were able to determine the sex; it was a bitch . Then her saviors began to caress her gently. A moment that she fully appreciated. It was clearly something she hadn’t known for a very long time. The volunteers called her Dolly .

Immediately after they pulled her off the street, they took her to be groomed . The transformation was spectacular after a few strokes of the mower and a good bath . The metamorphosis was not only physical, since, thanks to The Forgotten Dog Foundation , Dolly found an adopted family with whom she let express her true personality , playful, tender and full of life.

Here is the rescue of the dog Dolly by Hope for Paws in video :

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