Lost several months at sea with two puppies, they survive by sharing their food rations

A boat with 2 women and as many dogs had been adrift for almost 100 days when help finally arrived.

This mishap took place in 2017, in the middle of the Pacific. In May of that year, 2 Americans, Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiaba , left the island of Hawaii aboard their boat with their dogs Zeus and Valentine . The quartet was supposed to make a 4,400 km trek to Tahiti, but the trip turned sour , reports The Dodo .

A few days after weighing anchor, a violent storm got the better of the engine . They still had the sails to continue their advance, but the main mast finally gave way . Appel and Fuiaba no longer had any means of propulsion and were now at the mercy of ocean currents .

For the next 98 days, they did not stop making distress calls that went unanswered . Finally, in the 99th day, their boat was located by a Taiwanese fishing boat, which transmitted their position to a building of the Navy American War, the USS Ashland, which was patrolling the area. Very quickly, the latter sent a rescue crew to recover the 2 women and their 2 dogs, which were finally out of danger .

How had they managed to last so long? Thanks in particular to the water filtering system fitted to their boat, as well as to the large stock of food that Appel and Fuiaba had carried. They had enough for 6 months , but by the time of their rescue, the reserves were 90% exhausted . The reason for this was that there had been no dog food for a long time and the 2 women had shared their food with their 4 legged companions. It was out of the question for them not to ensure the survival of the quadrupeds .

Thus, all succeeded in going through this terrible ordeal by dint of determination , sacrifice and solidarity .

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