15 animals who love to strike a pose with their miniature versions

Our pets are just as keen on photos with their young as humans are with their children. This selection is absolutely adorable.

Here are 15 photos of pets posing with their offspring.

1. A mother Bernese Mountain Dog and her cub waiting for the door to be opened for them

2. Each of this cat and her cub has its own floor on the cat tree.

3. Like mother, like kitten

4. A coat and identical eyes in this rabbit and her adorable little one

5. Needs made in the garden and in perfect synchrony between this Labrador Retriever mother and her mini-me

6. From birth, this kitten is already the spitting image of its mother.

7. You don’t leave your mother with one sole

8. A mother and her puppy who are both alert and on the lookout

9. It is more fun with 2, when it comes to jumping in the mud. It is certainly not these Labradors who think otherwise

10. This kitten and her mother are a lot of fun doing everything identically

11. The joy of this Pitbull mom and her little one is contagious and unrestrained

12. Curiosity is a trait inherited from cat to kitten

13. The first steps of the stairs are always a big test for the puppies.

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14. Going out is the best time of the day for this mother Shiba-Inu and her baby.

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15. 2 adorable cats with white coats and 2 iris colors. It can only be a mother and her baby


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