A couple tests their dog’s empathy by pretending to be depressed, their reaction is immediate!

By pretending to be sad, the owners of this dog wanted to see his reaction. The latter is quite edifying.

Bailey the dog is far from being a stranger on social networks, especially on Instagram and the YouTube platform. We had already told you about this likeable Golden Retriever and his scene of jealousy , when he prevented his owner’s husband from getting too close to her.

In the video in question this time, which is shown to us by Animal Channel , the couple decided to test their empathy . The young men and women, who live with their 4-legged friend in Costa del Sol , Spain, pretended to be depressed .

While Bailey lay quietly behind them, they curled up on themselves, sitting on the floor, leaning against the couch and their heads hidden, as if they were about to start to cry. The dog watched them by resting his head on the armrest. As soon as he realized it, he got off the couch and went over to them to see what was wrong .

As one would expect, Bailey sought to comfort her parents upon finding that they were sad . There followed a well-deserved big hug for the quadruped.

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A behavior that is totally in line with several studies proving that dogs also feel empathy. One of them, published in December 2015 and produced in Italy, evoked a process of facial imitation in the capacity of domestic canines to sense and share the feelings and emotions experienced by others.


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