He is so hairy that this dog has gradually taken on the appearance of a mop!

In Lithuania , a dog became known thanks to a video shot and broadcast by his owner. He is seen swimming in a lake. This dog denotes others by its fur made of dreadlocks. It looks moreover, and especially to a mop.

Hanga looks more like a mop than a dog . But make no mistake about it. Hanga is indeed a Komondor . It just has thicker fur made from natural dreadlocks . Which makes him an almost unique dog breed . Only a few look like him …

He’s been making the buzz on the Internet since his mistress, Gintar? Bertauskien? Bertauskien? , posted pictures of him on his Instagram page. This Lithuanian resident had always dreamed of a dog of this breed. She couldn’t have had a better time with Hanga . He couldn’t have been better, in a woman groomer in addition.

Hanga is a very protective dog

Hanga is now a world famous doggie. He owes it to this video shot in the lake. It can be seen swimming on the surface . From behind, we do not really know what can walk in this water. It’s him. The video, viewed 19 million times, even brought money to Gintaré , who notably used it to finance the Hanga operation .

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In the street, Hanga is alpaca from all sides. What a protective Gintaré only moderately appreciates. “ Sometimes we go for a walk at night to avoid attracting attention, ” she told local media Kas Vyksta . Adding: “ Hanga is a protective dog who is wary of strangers. If there are too many of them, it may strain it. Independence and attachment to his master, his flock, are character traits of the Komondor. Hanga is no exception.


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