The Stéphane Lamart association saves a dog abandoned by its owners, they had just moved

Association Stéphane Lamart / Facebook

In Seine-et-Marne, the gendarmes and the Stéphane Lamart Association intervened to rescue a dog abandoned for ten days. Its owners had moved, leaving the animal alone in their old home.

As reported by Le Parisien , a dog was found alone in a house empty of occupants, left to itself and without food , in Presles-en-Brie (77). It was the gendarmes of the Tournan-en-Brie brigade, a neighboring town, who entered the pavilion on Tuesday evening (August 13) through the broken bathroom window, to free the quadruped. The soldiers had been approached by neighbors who heard his desperate barking.

The 2 and a half year old Labrador-Retriever , responding to the name of Nody , was taken care of by the Stéphane Lamart Association, present on the scene alongside the gendarmes. A video of the intervention was also published on the organization’s Facebook page:

According to the latter, the dog was, it seems, initially attached to the railing of the stairs inside the home. But having lost much weight, he managed to get rid of it to find himself wandering from one room to another, without being able to get out. In addition, Nody did not have enough to eat and had only the toilet bowl as a source of water . Still according to Stéphane Lamart , it was at least 10 days that the animal lived thus locked up and in a stressful situation. His owners would have moved , leaving him there. The gendarmes are carrying out an investigation to try to find them.

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The dog was immediately examined by a veterinarian , who estimated that his weight loss was in the order of 5 kg . He was then transferred to the refuge of the Association Stéphane Lamart in Boissy-Saint-Léger (94).

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