How to learn “coward” or “give” his dog commands?

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you like to play with your dog, but once it has a toy in its mouth, it doesn’t want to let go. The game will end soon? Or, when you turn around, your dog catches something that doesn’t suit him, that is, the cross and banner, and asks him to give it back to you?

executive summary

learn to give up his dog through the game and learn the small extra practice

set in case of difficulties Don’t panic, every problem has its own solution! Today, I suggest you find the importance of learning to give up, generally speaking, in daily life, but it is also obvious to learn “coward” or “give” through games.

learns to give up his dog

Teaching your dog to give up is the most important, because it is very helpful to your daily life, not just in your game.

in fact, teaching your dog to give up has many advantages. Here are some main ones:

Teach his dog to recover to a stable emotional state under pressure, predict and avoid excessive behavior, and strengthen the cooperation and trust between the owner and the dog by teaching the dog to give up, As mentioned earlier, when learning to give up, especially when learning “coward” or “giving”, the main concept to remember is: giving up is victory!

your dog must understand that when he gives up toys, touch, prey or barbecue stolen from the table, he will get another reward.

never forget that the dog is a very opportunistic animal and will spontaneously move in the direction of its benefit. If he realizes that giving up won’t bring him any satisfaction, he just needs to listen to you.

here is a simple and interesting exercise to teach your dog to let go / give:

this exercise obviously helps him learn to give up, But it also helps to strengthen the relationship between the owner and the dog, strengthen the dog’s obedience, and spend it spiritually.

Receive suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our news and business offers. Learn more about putting your dog in a quiet place without much stimulation. Bring your dog’s favorite toys, but don’t bring his favorite toys. In addition, it is also necessary to select a toy suitable for traction: such as knot rope or twine. Put your dog on the seat facing you and stand straight with your toy in hand. Don’t let your dog take the toy without permission. Bend down and tell your dog in a pleasant and enthusiastic voice that he can take away the toy. Be energetic and play with him.

pay attention, be sure to put the toy in your hand, don’t let go, and stay as close to the ground as possible from left to right.

straighten up and firmly say “let go” or “give” before your dog gets too excited. Stop pulling the toy and try to stay still.

tip: to maintain balance, put your feet gently on the ground and don’t tie your feet together.

you have two choices:

or your dog don’t loosen. In this case, More firmly say “coward” and / or exchange a very delicious food. Your dog will understand how cowards do it. Either your dog is cowardly, orIn this case, wait for the pressure to drop for a few seconds and continue with step 3. In this way, your dog will understand that when you give up, he will get something positive and know a new game conversation. Repeat the same steps several times. When you want to stop, give your dog a candy and say “it’s over”.

if you encounter difficulties, don’t give up hope, because this is a simple exercise, of course, but it may be very difficult for some dogs.

is an additional small exercise. Set

in difficult situations to teach your dog that the signs of “Relaxation” are positive, Create a very simple condition on him: “you let go” = candy.


simply say, don’t say “you let go” to the dog while giving the dog candy. Then he would think it meant being satisfied. In fact, when you restart the above exercises, your dog will be easier to let go.

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note that in order to achieve the desired results, you must always follow the dog’s learning rhythm, If you see him in trouble, don’t let him throw away the toys you just sent him, making it more difficult for him to exercise! Continue with the first step mentioned above and don’t let your dog fall into failure.

in fact, if he can’t put down his toys in the practice / game you set up, don’t expect him to agree to put down what he just took back from the coffee table. Be consistent and don’t expect your dog to bring you anything! Challenge yourself and always find another way for your dog to learn! You are responsible for your dog, so you have to change and evolve its behavior.

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