Abandoned in the middle of a road, these puppies kept themselves alive thanks to their solidarity

5 puppies were snatched away from the hostility of the street. Sick and malnourished, they had only their union to survive.

Abandoned in the streets without food or water, dogs were found by the Turkish branch of Rescuers Without Borders which is an organization based in America. Seeing the photos taken in Iskilip , Turkey, Crystal Carson , the organization’s co-founder, realized that the poor beasts had been out for weeks.

The weather was not good and the temperatures were very low, Carson tells Dodo. To warm up, the dogs had to hug as hard as they could. They also needed shelter, and they found nothing better than debris and construction sites.

Rescuers Without Borders takes care of saving hundreds of dogs that take refuge in a landfill in Corum , Turkey. The newly discovered puppies might not find a place in the shelter, which was full . But the volunteers did not intend to leave them to their fate.

Being in America, it was difficult for Carson to find someone to care for the puppies and take them to the vet . Indeed, the animals have mange and this worries the local shelters because they risk infecting other dogs. But she succeeded. They were transferred to a clinic in Ankara .

Also suffering from parasites , one of the puppies did not survive . They will be treated at the clinic for a few weeks. They will also be able to learn to be sociable since they are still young. When they are healed and vaccinated, they can be brought to America and adopted. In the meantime, a host family cannot be found, although the costs will be borne by the organization.

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