She thought that he would not get along with any other dog, it was without counting on this Great Pyrenean

While adopting a new dog, Katie didn’t know how her first one was going to welcome the new one. Today she is relieved in front of the real friendship which binds her 2 animals, when the fears were real.

Certainties can quickly fly away. On condition, sometimes, to take risks . That’s what Katie learned. This American longed for a second dog in her home. But until early 2018, she did not dare to take the plunge. And for good reason, his Tuck had a very possessive side. She wasn’t sure he enjoyed the company of a fellow man. They didn’t know Beau.

Everywhere I go, he accompanies me. He sleeps with me every night. As soon as he can’t come with me, he becomes very anxious and sad,Katie confesses to The Dodo.

Still, last January, Katie and her boyfriend went to a pet show in Pennsylvania . There, she sees 11 Great Pyrenean puppies from a local shelter. Impossible not to crack. That day, however, Katie doesn’t give in. Not until she got to take Tuck with her. She did and literally cracked in front of a canine named Beau .

They have become inseparable

A small miracle subsequently operated. At first indifferent to Beau’s presence, Tuck quickly got closer to his new friend. Or the reverse, more exactly. Tuck was receptive.

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