Impersonating volunteers, this couple abandoned a hundred dogs on the roads

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In the United States, a couple has been arrested after being caught abandoning dogs on a highway. The man and his wife claimed to transport these animals to shelters.

Katreena Lynn Martin and her husband Wayne Milo Martin were arrested by sheriff’s deputies Kimble County in the State of Texas, after abandoning dogs on a highway, reports the PETA on its website.

The couple were in the crosshairs of the authorities and were under surveillance. Last week, Martin had traveled in a van at the county shelter of Atascosa, where they recovered dogs. They then drove 240 km to Kimble County, where canine abandonment had been observed every month since July .

A game warden saw their vehicle 3 hours later as it was exiting Interstate 10 in Sutton County, before losing sight of it. The man followed in the van’s tracks until he found 4 abandoned dogs by the roadside . Soon after, the couple were pulled over by sheriff’s deputies upon their return to Kimble County. They discovered many empty dog carriers in their vehicle. Katreena Lynn Martin claimed that she and her husband had just taken the dogs to a shelter, but she had no proof of her claim.

They were both arrested and charged with animal cruelty and abandonment . Investigators believe that they abandoned a total of 120 dogs .

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Photo: Texas Breaking News on Twitter

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